Mother loses legs saving her children from tornado

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Photo courtesy of The Courier-Journal

When we see a good act, we applause; when we see an extraordinary act, we honor. Such is the case of and Indiana mom who threw herself on top of her children so she could shield them from a massive tornado that wrecked their home.

Stephanie Decker is a 36-year-old Indiana mother of two, Domnic, 8, and Reese, 5, who she managed to protect, through losing lost parts of both her legs in the process. Her two children walked away without a scratch, causing the father of the two boys, Joe Decker to term it a miracle.

“What I told her was, ‘You’re alive and you get to see your kids grow up,’” ………. “If you look in the basement, there’s no way anybody should have lived, let alone two kids who don’t have a scratch on them.”

He explained how he had sent his wife a text telling her that the radar was showing a tornado was headed directly for their home. Then he confirmed that his wife had arrived at their home a few minutes earlier then she’d taken their kids to the basement; “then just she stopped texting me,” he said, “She was on top of them.”

According to reports by the The Courier-Journal, Stephanie is in stable condition at University Hospital in Lousiville.

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Baby Angel Babcock’s Grandmother Mourns Loss of Entire Family in Tornado

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Following the huge tornado outbreak across the South and Midwest of America, claiming seven (7) states of the US, with Kentucky, Indiana and Alabama on high alert, reports of massive destruction have reported buildings and houses being leveled out.

“This is an enormous outbreak that’s going on right now across Kentucky and the South,” said meteorologist John Gordon. “It’s crazy. It’s just nuts right here.

In this destructive tornado, reports of deaths have spread out, also hitting an entire family of five. However, the last of siblings, Baby Angel Babcock, a toddler 15 months was found next to the bodies of her family members in a field near their Indiana home. This story took the world by storm, with well wishers streaming in to support the toddler’s grandmother who had hopes in her granddaughter’s recovery.

After watching her granddaughter depend on life support machines to hold on to dear life, the grandmother had to make the painful decision of allowing doctors to disconnect the life support. Following this decision, Angel died on Sunday from traumatic brain injury after her family removed her from life support.


Angel’s mother, Moriah Babcock, 20, father Joseph Babcock, 21, and two siblings, Jayden and Kendall, were found dead in the same field as the toddler on Friday. Angel’s grandmother was distraught but believed that when she let her granddaughter go yesterday, she knew the little girl was going to be with her daddy.

“I had my arm around her when she took her last breath,” Babcock told ABC News. “I sang to her itsy-bitsy spider.”

“We were all around the bed, I had my hand on the side of her, and I reached for her hand, and was holding her hand,” Babcock said. “I don’t know what made me let go but she put her arms straight up, she was daddy’s little girl. So daddy picked her up and took her. The whole room seen that. He was just like, standing in front of her. She wanted to go with daddy.”

Now, the Babcock family and friends is faced with the challenge of burying five members of the same family, but the community, including the Bank of America has set up a Babcock Family Fund to help pay for the family’s funeral expenses.

Angel, you are now in Jesus’ arms, and that is the best place to be.

May God comfort her family and friends and may the family rest in eternal peace.

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Prayer to God….in appreciation for my son.

March 5, 2012 2 comments
In my son’s eyes, is the grace of a lifetime;
In those eyes is the hope for a better tomorrow.
How am amazed by how my heart stirs when I look at him.
In his little eight months, he’s given me so much.
A fulfillment of joy, peace and restoration,
A reminder that he’s my biggest blessing,
My son, my baby, my bundle of joy.


How sweet his smile is, and how it warms my heart.
How innocent his face is, he still doesn’t know wrong
And how he smiles even when he’s done wrong,
He laughs when you toss a phone; or make faces
His humor is beyond comprehension
God has been kind to me, he has graced my life
With this wonderful little boy, that I will protect with my life
Is it not, after all, my only obligation as a mother?


In my heart I pray, that his smile will last,
That he will know love, joy and happiness as he grows,
That he will know God and live in his word
That he will gain favor in the eyes of God and people
That he will earn kindness and give it in return
That he will cherish love and be loved back
That he will know life in all its fullness.
For this is the prayer of every mother for their child!

Teacher Leaves Wife, Kids for High School Student

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Now this is just insane! A teacher at Enochs High School in Modesto, California, has left his wife and kids for a student in his class. The 41 year old James Hooker resigned from his duties due to the scandal that’s shaken up a community and put one mom, Tammie Powers, on a crusade to save her daughter from this man who is typically old enough to be her father. Needless say, Mr. Hooker has a 17 year old daughter who is also a student in the same school. We can only imagine the embarrassment the family is facing leave alone ridicule for the 17 year old who has to bear the scorn of her father’s behavior.

Jordan Powers enrolled in the school as a freshman and had been in Mr. Hooker’s class but claims are that they were nothing more than a teacher and his student at the time… (Well, at least until she was of legal age).

Now, Hooker’s former boss, Modesto City Schools Supt. Pam Able says she “considers student-teacher dating relationships to be not only unprofessional, but immoral.” and further adds that the relationship between the two has become a “source of great concern for staff, students and parents.”

Mr. Hooker, who has since moved in with his 18 year old student/ lover, however is slamming his accuser, Jordan’s mom, saying that he sees nothing wrong with it as “we really do want to have a future together.”

Tammie Powers has turned her facebook page to a hunter’s lodge where she has plastered Mr. Hooker’s photo all over her wall warning neighbors about the him. She has also launched an official police investigation to find out if Hooker’s relationship with her daughter began before Jordan was 18 years old. This, she supports with the knowledge that most photos and telephone conversations the couple has were are dated before Jordan’s recent birthday where she turned 18 years old, making the relationship legal.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William get dolled up

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On a recent development, on Wednesday, February 15, Mattel Inc, the maker of Barbie dolls in the United States, announced that the company will release a Ken and Barbie version of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in April in honor of the royal couple’s first wedding anniversary.

“William and Catherine are like a modern-day Barbie and Ken,” said a Mattel spokesperson.” The whole world watched as the two were married in what was a real-life fairytale wedding.”

In their plastic replicas, Kate’s doll wears an ivory wedding gown with a lace torso and full skirt, and rocks an ivory veil, a sparkling tiara and matching drop earrings. Will’s doll dons a replica of his scarlet Irish Guards colonel’s uniform which they both wore on their wedding day at Westminster Abbey. The price for the two-doll set is $100 and is set currently available for pre-order and go on sale on April 7.

Kate Middleton Personally Thanks Wedding Dress Embroiders During Visit

March 1, 2012 2 comments

On April 29, 2011, Prince William defied all odds and married a commoner, Kate Middleton, now The Duchess of Cambridge. The wedding took the world in awe, but not as much as the gown the Duchess donned. The Alexander McQueen gown was so spectacular, it got most tongues wagging. We didn’t expect anything less!

The gown is said to have been tirelessly worked on by Kay-Williams’ students who hand-stitched the lace appliqué onto the gown’s bodice and skirt made from ivory and white satin gazer. the Royal School of Needlework in Hampton Court Palace is honored to making a historic day last to date.

The Duchess is said to have made a secret visit to the Royal School of Needlework in Hampton Court Palace on the Tuesday of February 28 to thank those who contributed to the bridal gown.

Susan Kay-Williams, the school’s CEO, told U.K.’s Telegraph “It was lovely to meet the Duchess of Cambridge and to show her what the Royal School of Needlework doe” and a friend added “Catherine was keen to express her gratitude in person to the women who worked so hard on her dress. She was very conscious of the pressure that they were under.

Swimmers brave lake full of jellyfish

February 29, 2012 Leave a comment

It is important to make a historic moment in life that you will look back and say… “Wow! I surely did it!” However, one brave swimmer plunged himself in a lake full of jelly fish and even paused to take some photos!

This lake is situated on the Pacific island of Palau and is surrounded by thousands of jellyfish. They say that it’s safe to swim with the deadly creatures on this remote island because they’ve lost their sting! Now how exciting, chilling is that?