Affiliate Marketing

Keep that ulcer at bay!!!

If a problem has no solution, it may not be a problem, but a fact – not to be solved, but to be coped with over time. –Shimon Peres.

“When all that mattered seems to not matter anymore, both men and women, alike, are known to divert their attention to more exciting opportunities. Today, I want to offer some of the best diversions to use in order to keep your shaky finances at 100% stability.

Internet marketing has opened up new methods of advertising, product selling and service rendering that has let us to a whole new level.

With this in mind, I am going to give you a clean analysis of some of the sites that offer online money making opportunities internationally


This easily coincides with advertising as it involves two parties where one is the sponsor and the other is an affiliate. The affiliate in this case, markets the sponsoring site through referrals, hence creating a name for the main site. This usually comes with a certain commission.

This type of marketing comes with lots of patience and referrals, giving the affiliate consistent commission with the number of referrals made. Usually, some sites give up to the 4th level referral commissions!

There are five primary types of affiliate marketing.

The cash-back rebate program

This type of program offers to save you a sum of money (mostly a bracket percentage) upon buying a certain product or service, then give you a commission out of your purchase (also rated in percentage).

Examples of such sites is topcashback

Coupons program

This type of marketing targets to attract first time shoppers, reward loyal shoppers, offer targeted promotions, or for use in advertising or special promotions. Some coupon programs include: CouponMom

 The reward program

This program allows buying of products through affiliate links. It offers rewards for competing certain tasks. Some sites that offer this program include: UniqPaid, and clixsense

The referral or content program

This is the type of program that allows customers to navigate through the page, but when they get to the products or targeted service, they are referred to the mother site of that program. Basically what happens is that they connect you to a link that gets you to the product, but on a different merchant site. For such sites mass marketing is important hence the need to use sites such as the ebay and the amazon

 The all-under-one roof program

These online stores sell products in bulk. A good example is casinoaffiliateprograms

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