Best day of my life- poem

On a typical morning, everything looks okay.
The sun is up; I have a good schedule,
Everything is in place; nothing too pressurizing.
But then again, something just doesn’t feel right.
I have a nagging feeling inside
Am not sure what it is, I just know if I reach out,
This day could be better.


So I reach for my phone, intending to call you,
I scroll down your number, then hesitate;
Now I know why I have this feeling.
I feel like lately I’ve been so indulged
I haven’t had a good moment to tell you how I feel.


When I first saw you, I thought “wow, he’s fly”
Then I started seeing you around and realized
You were not just fly, but cute too.
Then I started looking forward to seeing you,
And how you are dressed, or what you are up to…
I can’t recall how many times I looked at the door hoping you’d walk in
That’s when I realized I liked you, but you didn’t notice
All this time you didn’t know


Then this one day I bumped into you.
I was just taking a stroll, you were walking towards me
When we met, you said hi, I smiled.
You asked, “Did you miss me?”
I hesitated, wanting to say yes
But it would have been too obvious
I looked down and then you said, “Because I missed you too”


I stopped, and stared, my heart froze
“He does like you.” I heard a small voice say to me.
Go on, tell him you do too”
So I nodded my head, slowly, still intrigued.
Then you said, “You missed me, huh”


At that time, I started to feel sheepish
But the one thing I know is that;
Even though my words didn’t come out right that day,
And even though I have lost details for lots of days in my life,
That day will always linger in my mind.
Because that was the best day of my life.


  1. March 4, 2012 at 2:09 am

    That’s sweet ! ! I love it !

    • Lillian
      March 5, 2012 at 11:03 am

      Thanks…. it really did happen.

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