How well do you know your teenager?

“A friend of mine, Angie, recently told me that when her little girl was ten years old, she came home and told her that her friend’s mom had given her daughter “the talk”. This said, my friend freaked out and made a mental note to give her daughter the African trimmed version of “the talk”

As Angie’s schedule is a busy one, that promise faded away and she soon forgot her date with her daughter. Now, ten years later, Angie eavesdrops on a conversation of her daughter with a boyfriend of hers and what she hears shocks the daylights out of her!”

The African culture has been very aggressive in the past to shun any discussions leading to sex, regarding it a taboo. These topics were only addressed to an age group that was in the process of initiation into the third stage of the rites of passage, marriage. Once this was done, these young boys and girls were now fully acknowledged as adults, but still the topic of sex remained to be discussed only on closed doors.

These days, most of these perceptions have been discarded and parents are now embracing new approaches to talking to their growing babies. Though it is still very common to meet parents who are too shy and will prefer their children learn these things at school.

Study has proved that parents that speak frankly on matters involving sex to their children stand better chances of raising good children unlike parents who avoid the topic or use fabricated stories to shut their children up. Take for example the awkward situation that Angie found herself in.

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