Importance of Exercise

First of all, I need to bring this to your awareness. “Keeping a healthy body isn’t being skinny!” So what if you are not a size zero? So what if you are not exactly model fit? We don’t look at how big your waist line is, but rather how healthy you are.

Exercise triggers the body’s metabolism to be effective enough to excrete all toxics out of your body. Body fat is not bad. In fact, health specialists insist on the importance of fat in insulation and energy regeneration, hence proving to be a vital requirement in the body. However, too much fat in food has been known to cause cholesterol, soft, waxy substance, to build up in the arteries, causing them to be contracted and small, reducing effective blood flow in and out of the heart.

Exercise effectively helps shed this excess fat off, and this is why most physicians emphasize on exercise and water intake as the best ways to ensure longer life.

As much as exercise helps to regulate the amount of insulin released into the bloodstream, it also helps to control Sleep apnea, moodiness, stress, decreased energy etc.

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