Glow with natural African hair.

It is no surprise that wigs and stitched weaves will never fall out of trend especially in the black communities. An envious eye has been cast by this selected category of people towards the Caucasians, Asians and some (very lucky) black American women have been really lucky to have the kind of hair that slides.

With African hair, tangling is no news and the headache that comes with maintaining it seeks out for only those who can brave it. Most women have even tried (successfully and unsuccessfully) to get straight hair by relaxing it but whenever the ‘growth’ starts to regenerate, it gets chaotic again…

Now before you start thinking that we are disadvantaged at having tangled hair, please note the advantages we have over straight curly hair.

  • It has strong roots as no chemicals have been used on it.
  • Due to its strong roots, it doesn’t fall off easily.
  • Split ends are usually easy to keep up with.
  • This also helps maintain a healthy scalp.
  • It is easily styled.
  • It is not a wind sway but stays in place when styled.
  • It helps enhance natural beauty of the African woman

Do you feel better now? You are not alone. Now, let’s focus on giving you the tips on how to effectively maintain Natural African hair.

  • Keep hair clean

Clean hair not only keeps your scalp breathing but also lets air circulate freely in the head. Persons with dirty hair have been observed to have low self esteem and are shy at public appearances. Also, it gets really uncomfortable to be around people who keep making remarks about “how smelly your hair is”

  • Keep hair oiled

We have lots of hair products in the market and in order to land the best, it is important to read through the ingredients list. Hair products that target maintaining relaxed hair are specifically made with extra chemicals for strengthening weak hair. However, natural hair has a deep strong root that only needs to be maintained or even upgraded. It is important to concentrate on hair foods with natural ingredients.

  • Use natural hair treatments

There are beliefs that only people with relaxed hair are in dire need of using hair treatments. However, let me bring to your attention that the work of hair treatments is to enhance the glossy natural look of hair and to bring a balance between the relaxed hair and the undergrowth. So yes, it is good to use treatments even on natural hair.

  • Avoid consecutive  use of hair driers

Heat is good, but when frequently used on hair, it can turn out to be its own enemy. It is normal to get hair set or blown dry due to personal grooming needs, and of course no one wants to step out with entangled hair. We all want to look good. But when hair is put under constant heating, it is known to weaken and sometimes it assumes a different shade of black, (almost reddish brown) that doesn’t flaunt the beauty intended.  Straight or curly hair is beautiful to have, but caution should be taken when making steps to achieve that look. It is advised that women who go under the drier be specific on the amount of heat and the time period that set. Also, avoid daily blow drying, as the effects are the same in the long run.

  • Use wide toothed combs most of the times

This statement is almost self explanatory. Wide toothed combs leave enough room for straightening tangled hair as opposed to tinny combs which press onto every string of hair in the head and “forces” its ways through it.

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