Dealing with Acne for good!

Dealing with Acne once and for all.

For the better part of many peoples’ lives, acne has been a particular pain to handle. Dealing with it hasn’t been easier either for people with oily skin and also for most teenagers. Both girls and boys find this period of their lives really painful to go through especially if all your friends have the ‘perfect skin’

Cosmetics and beauty products, for oily and dry skin have popped in the markets. Herbal medication and natural herbs have been vouched for especially with Aloe Vera being a perfect main target.

However, I want to address all these groups of people, whose lives have been made miserable by the obvious blackheads acne leaves notoriously.

Personally, I have used all products in the market but at last I have settled for three ways to keep my skin healthy and acne free.

  • Use scam free soaps when washing the face. Here, I recommend the use of facial wash and not ordinary bar soaps. Facial wash doesn’t leave scam on the face whether its a case of hard or soft water.
  • Wash face before going to bed- This helps open clogged pores and enhances free breathing of the skin pores. This keeps oxygen circulation at its best and also it helps the skin ease on excretion of waste. Yes, even the face
  • Avoid using face wipes too often- Instead, use a clean white handkerchief that is kept thoroughly clean and rinsed with disinfectant.
  • Use original designer makeup- Shady makeup is not good for the skin. This is because it may contain harmful ingredients such as mercury and lead (we heard of cases with body lotions and lipsticks with these things). Mercury is toxic to the kidneys and causes pathological damage, inhibits protein and amino acid absorption into brain tissue, and also inhibits the synaptic uptake of neurotransmitters in the brain producing subsequent development of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Use acne gel as opposed to facial creams. – Here, I realize, elaboration is of importance. Facial creams are the kind intended to make the skin ‘fair and smooth’. These have no medicinal value to the skin. I have to particularly recommend a gel that has worked for me very well, Panoxyl Acne gel. This item can be found in tubes of 200gms and start from level 5 to 10 depending on your skin and the extend of your problem. At first you skin tends to dry up and flake, but afterwards, everything clears and your skin is better in a fortnight.
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