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A holder of a Graduate Diploma in Banking and Financial Services and an Advanced Diploma in Business Management, Lillian is with no doubt both a professional entrepreneur and a financial analyst. She has keen interest in stock markets as well as SME’s and has written several proposals on the same.

However, even as agencies rise to address the plight of women, Lillian feels that most of these vices are committed in homes and never really get addressed. This has forced her to take it in her hands to address these vulnerable positions that women are faced with in a more unique way, (poetry) in order to reach thousands of readers and bloggers.  Emphasis is put to help women in these situations to acknowledge the strength that God has bestowed in us in order to withstand every challenge and to rely on God. For there, is solid, heavenly and pure love. The kind you will never get anywhere in this world.

With the basic target being to motivate women through sharing deep and intense situations that various women have gone through and offering stable emotional and spiritual guidance to help them feel beautiful both inside and outside.

This, she has incorporated in poetic guided inspirational experiences that are easy to understand and can be recited for easy recollection. Also she has discussed other areas of life; i.e making money online, love and relationships, beauty and fashion and family matters

Lillian says.

Everyone has gone through situations that have caused them to cocoon. This blog has been put up specifically to motivate us to let it all out…. and live our lives to the fullest!

There are times when no one seems to understand what we are going through. At this moment, even your best friend or your spouse cant seem to crack the wall that is so securely build around you.

Life can get unfair. But even under these circumstances, we should find the strength to move on.

A silent prayer helps a lot. God does understand. And he does have a solution for everything on the surface of the earth. After all He told us that everything happens for a reason to them that believe….. and that we should not go to bed angry….

Therefore, it is our responsibility to be happy.

This can only be achieved if we find peace within ourselves.

This blog is that little four walled bedroom you hide yourself to cry, or that big sea that is always willing to take in all your screaming. It is also that silent listener who gives you time to let it all out!

But most of all, it is that place where, when praying gets too difficult, you can write your pain away, and tell God above to help you feel better.

Once you understand your worth, that is the beginning of a happy life.

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