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Baby Angel Babcock’s Grandmother Mourns Loss of Entire Family in Tornado

Following the huge tornado outbreak across the South and Midwest of America, claiming seven (7) states of the US, with Kentucky, Indiana and Alabama on high alert, reports of massive destruction have reported buildings and houses being leveled out.

“This is an enormous outbreak that’s going on right now across Kentucky and the South,” said meteorologist John Gordon. “It’s crazy. It’s just nuts right here.

In this destructive tornado, reports of deaths have spread out, also hitting an entire family of five. However, the last of siblings, Baby Angel Babcock, a toddler 15 months was found next to the bodies of her family members in a field near their Indiana home. This story took the world by storm, with well wishers streaming in to support the toddler’s grandmother who had hopes in her granddaughter’s recovery.

After watching her granddaughter depend on life support machines to hold on to dear life, the grandmother had to make the painful decision of allowing doctors to disconnect the life support. Following this decision, Angel died on Sunday from traumatic brain injury after her family removed her from life support.


Angel’s mother, Moriah Babcock, 20, father Joseph Babcock, 21, and two siblings, Jayden and Kendall, were found dead in the same field as the toddler on Friday. Angel’s grandmother was distraught but believed that when she let her granddaughter go yesterday, she knew the little girl was going to be with her daddy.

“I had my arm around her when she took her last breath,” Babcock told ABC News. “I sang to her itsy-bitsy spider.”

“We were all around the bed, I had my hand on the side of her, and I reached for her hand, and was holding her hand,” Babcock said. “I don’t know what made me let go but she put her arms straight up, she was daddy’s little girl. So daddy picked her up and took her. The whole room seen that. He was just like, standing in front of her. She wanted to go with daddy.”

Now, the Babcock family and friends is faced with the challenge of burying five members of the same family, but the community, including the Bank of America has set up a Babcock Family Fund to help pay for the family’s funeral expenses.

Angel, you are now in Jesus’ arms, and that is the best place to be.

May God comfort her family and friends and may the family rest in eternal peace.

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