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Prayer to God….in appreciation for my son.

In my son’s eyes, is the grace of a lifetime;
In those eyes is the hope for a better tomorrow.
How am amazed by how my heart stirs when I look at him.
In his little eight months, he’s given me so much.
A fulfillment of joy, peace and restoration,
A reminder that he’s my biggest blessing,
My son, my baby, my bundle of joy.


How sweet his smile is, and how it warms my heart.
How innocent his face is, he still doesn’t know wrong
And how he smiles even when he’s done wrong,
He laughs when you toss a phone; or make faces
His humor is beyond comprehension
God has been kind to me, he has graced my life
With this wonderful little boy, that I will protect with my life
Is it not, after all, my only obligation as a mother?


In my heart I pray, that his smile will last,
That he will know love, joy and happiness as he grows,
That he will know God and live in his word
That he will gain favor in the eyes of God and people
That he will earn kindness and give it in return
That he will cherish love and be loved back
That he will know life in all its fullness.
For this is the prayer of every mother for their child!
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