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Teacher Leaves Wife, Kids for High School Student

Now this is just insane! A teacher at Enochs High School in Modesto, California, has left his wife and kids for a student in his class. The 41 year old James Hooker resigned from his duties due to the scandal that’s shaken up a community and put one mom, Tammie Powers, on a crusade to save her daughter from this man who is typically old enough to be her father. Needless say, Mr. Hooker has a 17 year old daughter who is also a student in the same school. We can only imagine the embarrassment the family is facing leave alone ridicule for the 17 year old who has to bear the scorn of her father’s behavior.

Jordan Powers enrolled in the school as a freshman and had been in Mr. Hooker’s class but claims are that they were nothing more than a teacher and his student at the time… (Well, at least until she was of legal age).

Now, Hooker’s former boss, Modesto City Schools Supt. Pam Able says she “considers student-teacher dating relationships to be not only unprofessional, but immoral.” and further adds that the relationship between the two has become a “source of great concern for staff, students and parents.”

Mr. Hooker, who has since moved in with his 18 year old student/ lover, however is slamming his accuser, Jordan’s mom, saying that he sees nothing wrong with it as “we really do want to have a future together.”

Tammie Powers has turned her facebook page to a hunter’s lodge where she has plastered Mr. Hooker’s photo all over her wall warning neighbors about the him. She has also launched an official police investigation to find out if Hooker’s relationship with her daughter began before Jordan was 18 years old. This, she supports with the knowledge that most photos and telephone conversations the couple has were are dated before Jordan’s recent birthday where she turned 18 years old, making the relationship legal.

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