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Whitney Houston’s Mother, Cissy Houston, Writes Touching Letter To Her Daughter

Even with Whitney Houston’s passing two weeks ago, our hearts are still heavy with grief and remorse. This is not to be least expected of Whitney’s family, whose firm Christian foundation lingers still, and believe that their baby, mother, sister and friend is with Jesus.

When Aretha Franklin, a close friend of the Houston’s, said that Cissy Houston, Whitney’s mom, taught her daughter well, we agreed without any hesitation. Whitney’s Christian faith was founded firmly in the New Hope Baptist ChurchNewark, where her career was founded as she served as a soloist in the junior gospel choir. And with a mother that held the gospel music industry intrigued by her awesome music, Whitney just had to grow into the sensational singer she was.

In a recent development, Cissy Houston, who is still mourning her daughter, has written this very moving tribute to Whitney below.

  1. February 25, 2012 at 2:06 am

    Ola! Shesimportant,
    Along the same lines,, I couldn’t give a damn about Whitney Houston’s death. Does this make me a horrible person? I tried to give a damn but I guess I didn’t have any left. I even watched her funeral but not a single damn was given out of me.

    • Lillian
      March 3, 2012 at 12:21 pm

      We are entitled to our opinion Kev, but you know, Whitney was a great person. Even in all her drama, her heart was clean, she was a good daughter, a friend and a mom to those close to her. we all fall down sometimes, but we get back up. Whitney was doing really good when her death came. We live to honor her work, let God be the judge of the rest.

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