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Don’t morn a departed friend, celebrate knowing them instead!

I never really knew what the phrase ‘Life is short’ meant until I lost my best friend, Julie
She is the girl I shopped with, played with, fought with, prayed with, laughed with….
We did so much together; I can hardly recall a time I was ever alone.
She taught me a lot of things I know now, dedicating her time to offer a shoulder for me to lean on
I never knew all this would be over so soon, and that I would soon wish I’d done more than these things.


I remember the things she told me as we grew up, telling me to never give up.
And when we were in junior school, and I was the skinniest of them all,
She told me in senior high, they would love my size so much I could make prom queen.
And when I worried that my hair was too tough, she relaxed it and let it fall down my shoulders
She stood up for me when the boys teased me, telling them I was too good for them.


And when I was getting married, Julie made sure to stand by my side all though,
Through the headache of planning a wedding, she was my wedding planner,
And she sure did know me well, because she got me the flowers I always loved,
And booked me into the town hall I always wanted to get married in.


Julie loved to see me happy, she’d take my hand when am down and read me the bible,
She never failed to remind me that Jesus is real and that He loves me so,
Even when I conceived, and was worried about my baby being okay,
She reminded me that the same Jesus that crafted me; was going to craft my baby,
And it was going to be a sight to behold;to mush over.
When my baby came, she was perfect, I called her Julie.


When Julie fell sick, I was by her side, nursing her, praying with her,
But this time, the battle was too big, she was losing, and I was hurting.
Julie looked at me from her bed and told me not to cry, she was gonna be okay
“Jesus is watching over me and the angels are holding my hands”
She told me then closed her eyes, never to open them again.


There are times I wonder if I ever did anything for her,
Then I am reminded that the fact that she was with me to the end means that I meant a lot to her,
And she had never failed to tell me this.
Now from here, I look up and tell Jesus to hold her hand as she walks into heaven
Because I am positive that there, is where my best friend Julie is.


I wish I had told her that she was the best friend I ever had,
I wish I had told her that I appreciated her so much that I know no one could fill her place.
I wish I had played more, prayed more, danced more and shopped more with her.
Lord, I wish we’d stood over the top of a cliff and sang hosanna with her.


Still, I know, even in heaven, she knows this, because real friends don’t need words to talk,
They understand each other before words are exchanged.
Therefore, I will not morn my departed friend,
I will celebrate the life of my best friend, who has been exalted to glory.
Because even I will follow her at one time, and so is the past of all humans.


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