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Team Macy

After a day of anxiety, long office hours,
And her boss breathing instructions on her neck,
As if she is too illiterate to understand,
Macy walks into her home to find her ten month old son asleep,
She looks at him and smiles; at least he makes her struggle worth the while
She takes off her heels and massages her toes, when did they become so tense?
Frowning, she makes a mental note to immediately take a bath.


Refreshed, she hovers above her son to wake him
At first he’s reluctant, but the moment he hears her voice, eyes fly open
Macy chuckles as she picks him up; he coo’s and smiles at her
Adoringly, she gives him a tender kiss, then cuddles him as he breast feeds.
She munches dinner as she watches the local news on television.
Politics, desertion, floods, rape, almost every story hurts to listen to
“Life has become so messy,” she mumbles to herself


Retiring off to bed, Macy braces herself for the usual in-between sleep pauses.
Usually, her son wakes her up several times in the night to feed,
Macy is already too used to the trend when he doesn’t wake her, she wakes him
Yawning, she picks up her diary and flaps it open, then she sighs; she better sleep early.
Tomorrow will be another long day.
She kisses her baby goodnight and climbs on to her bed.
I have made it through today, I will certainly make it through tomorrow.
She says to herself as she lays her head down and drifts off……


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