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She’s most women

A victim of teen pregnancy and rejection,
A financially unstable single Claire thought all was lost,
Her honors earned her no more than enough to feed herself and her son;


She had long chosen to take the high road,
And do without support from her baby daddy,
Terming his money “dirty and sick”
After all, where was he when her baby was one month old?
Two, three, ten…..a year? Where had he been for five years?
Had he wanted to be responsible, he’d have manned up then.


She looked at the time and realized she had to go
Tidying up, she got up, took her handbag and walked out briskly.
She got into her car and drove off, to her son’s school.
Waiting patiently at the parking lot, she got out a pen and drafted a dinner plan;
Then scrapped it when she realized it was her son’s turn.
She switches on the radio, and closes her eyes…..
Letting her mind wander…. she pictured her adorable son,


She remembered how it was when she was pregnant.
Working to the last day of labor, she was so heavy she could barely lift her legs.
At the hospital, it had been rather painful, cold and alone for days.
As she went through prolonged labor, her prayer was for a healthy baby.
Her baby’s daddy never really showed up;
When he did, he spent five minutes around her and take off so fast you’d think he was phobic.

She’d try to understand, even when the hospital was unbearably miserable.
She’d cry, a lot, and then she’d wipe her tears and think…
“Maybe when baby comes things will get better”
Time came, she delivered a bouncing baby girl
She was so adorable, but that was all.
No change; no new beginning, she’d had to do something.


One day, she’d packed her bags, got her baby and walked out on him.
Entirely ignoring, though scared, the shouts, insults had that followed her.
She remembered feeling relieved.
That had been the beginning of her life…..
The past was gone; she had her son and herself……
She had to be there for him.


Her passenger door opened, she startled
Kissing her son’s cheek, she reminded herself;
“You’ve made it so far and it was okay, everything will still be okay”
She helped him strap his seat belt and pulled out of the drive way.
Heading to the market, they decided on what to cook for dinner,
She felt lighter, better, as they get home.


She cooked dinner, cleaned and tidied up, as he did his homework.
Finally, they settled for dinner, then retired to bed after the grace
Claire closed her eyes, “Thank you Jesus we are safe”
She mumbled to herself and drifted off….
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