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When you are in love nothing else matters.
You think everyone is as happy as you are;
Even the sky seems brighter than yesterday.
It is that force of nature that causes you to care, yet reject.
Love will make you discover things you never knew you can do.
Rare talents and new hobbies are created then.
Yes, Love will give you so much power, so much security, nothing else will matter.


Love makes you so soft, you’d rather hurt but your partner is safe.
Love draws power from the heart; and the heart is all powerful.
There has never been a meaning enough for love.
No amount of words has defined love; if I start now I won’t be any correct.


But I guess love is a feeling; not an action.
Love is what you feel when you look at your child or parent;
It is what you feel when you look at your fiancé.
Love makes you so insecure you want to guard it all the time.
Love makes you paranoid; it gives you illusions of what isn’t.


With love, one wrong feels bad, ten wrongs don’t get any worse.
With love, tears are a river, happiness is a lifetime.
With love, forgiveness is eternal, it’s endless.
With love, fighting only shows that you care.


How profound this feeling is, it has no concrete characterization.
Yet we have the strength to feel and to offer it.
Sometimes it’s almost painful to love, yet we won’t stop loving…..
Because it is God’s gift to us; it’s that feeling that makes us human.
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