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Teen Mom

She’s only seventeen, and pregnant.
Her baby daddy is trying to be a man;
But she can tell he’d be happier if there was no baby.
She decides to bite the bullet and keep it; but they are both terrified.


Her parents yell at her; but support her through and through.
Her friends, however, give her a scornful look and start to avoid her.
She thinks of aborting it, but her conscience doesn’t allow.
After all, will there be a difference between her and a common whore?


She feels so empty, distraught, rejected and unwanted
The house, which she used to call home, feels no longer familiar.
She can see frustration in her parents’ eyes,
Even though they choose to help her.
Her friends want nothing to do with her.
Sighing, she makes the one decision that changes her life forever.


She directs her energy to her growing baby and her academics.
When final year is done, she acquires excellent grades,
She gives birth to a beautiful baby girl; her parents are proud of her,
Her old ‘friends’ are too embarrassed to even look her way.
She smiles to herself as she holds her bundle of joy……


“Even though everyone thought I was a failure,
Even though I lost control of my life,
And even though all seemed to be lost,
I have the one person who will remind me that,
All what happened was so I could prepare to hold this bundle of beauty
And to make sure she doesn’t make the same mistake I have made”


She cuddles her daughter and closes her eyes
Then she whispers……”its gonna be okay.”


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