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Hands tied? Break free!

Growing up in a financially unstable family is not easy.
Koni had learned this the hard way;
She had struggled to get past junior school, through college
By doing laundry, dishes, sweeping offices….
She’d done any job that could raise her a penny or two.
After landing a job, even though it hadn’t been that well paying,
She had been encouraged as it helped keep them well fed, clothed and under a roof.


Some months back she’d conceived and had this beautiful baby girl,
Consequently, she’d had to move in with her fiancé, Muna, who was still yet to set a wedding date.


But as her financial situation had been really bad
Koni had decided to get a bank loan in order to start a small business.
Knowing this could end up rough if she was not careful,
She had made Muna his favorite dish and waited for him to finish.
Cautiously, she had sat down to talk to him.
“I will provide for you and the baby, you don’t need to get a loan”
He’d said after she had finished
“But this is not for my own selfish gain. We need better income”
She’d recalled how he’d given her a long hard look,
Then he’d snapped “I said no loans”


Thoughtfully, Koni had turned away, wondering to herself
She didn’t however, stop there. She’d started her long search for a better job.
When she finally landed a good career, there was but one problem.
It was located in a different town. “Uh…” she said to herself. Muna will flip”
Again, Koni didn’t grow weary, she tried again.


Using the only method she knew best, she’d sat down with him to address the issue.
“What? Who will take care of the baby when you are gone?”
“I can go with her then you will be coming over the weekends.
Better yet, you could move with me. After all you are a freelancer”
“I can’t move with you. My life is here. You have to stay”
“What about our bad finances? ” she’d asked
“Stop pushing me Koni, I said I will take care of everything” He’d snapped


She’d known she was trending on a bad foothold
But still she tried reasoning with him, he wouldn’t listen
“You want to go, don’t you? Here is my permission, go!
Carry your child and never come back. There won’t be room for you.”
Koni had looked at him, disbelief in her eyes.
“You are being inconsiderate Muna. Am doing this for us”
“Really? Then go ahead and see” he’d told her sarcastically, then stormed out


In bed, Koni had tossed and turned, her thoughts too engulfing.
She couldn’t miss the interview. She needed that job.
After all isn’t that the reason why she had gone to school?
Every time she’d intended to do anything financially productive
It had posed a threat to Muna’s ego and he’d always crashed her dreams,
Sometimes, they had fought so hard, he’d hit her and storm out.
This time, she had to do something.


When morning came; Koni had waited for Muna to leave.
She’d then packed her bags and took a pen and paper
Then she wrote……
“Muna, after careful consideration, I have decided to leave you. I have a career to build. Our daughter needs better care. You are constantly suppressing me and I feel chocked I am not married yet. I have to be independent”
Then she’d taken her little girl and walked out of what had been her home,
Never to look back again.
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