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Jesus, her only friend

Stacy has a good background,
Greatly supportive parents,
A good career, and lots of every-things she ever wanted in life;
She even has a husband and two awesome children
Her finances are okay; her credit score is incredibly good


However, she still feels like something is lacking.
She leaves work and goes to the gym, maybe her workouts will help,
She cooks her best dinner for her family; maybe their joy will reassure her
She takes her husband out on a date, she’s happy, but still it’s nagging.
She makes charitable donations; it does make her feel better, but only for a while.


Desperate, she puts on her walking shoes and walks out,
Down the street and between alleys she goes,
Then she hears a sweet melody, as she draws nearer, her heart begins to rum in her chest,
Steps quickening, she takes a flight of stairs, straight to the door.
It reads…”here is all the joy you ever wanted”


She peers inside, it’s packed full, but she goes in anyway.
The tune is familiar, but she doesn’t have a grasp of the words.
She hums along; slowly the words sink in,
She is singing something about a Jesus, and how He loves her,
She isn’t sure what it means but she likes it.


The more she sings the more she falls in love with the song.
“Oh, how He loves us….Oh how He loves us…”
Its endless, but its good, the feeling inside of her
The peace, the joy, the restoration, the assurance


The vicar is talking, she is still singing,
But she hears him say,
“Tap into His glory; there, everything will be okay
Your family, your marriage, your career, your finances….,
The emptiness in your soul will end, If only you realized,
How Jesus loves you so…..
Oh, how He loves you…..Oh how He loves you”


Stacy is crying, she’s mumbling,
She’s praying, she’s frantic
“I need this Jesus,” she murmurs to herself, “I need Him”


A lady walks up to her, takes her hand,
Stacy doesn’t look up; she knows she’s safe, she knows she’s okay.
The lady is praying for her, Stacy can’t hear much, but she knows it’s okay.
A book is slipped in her hand, it’s a bible.


Stacy looks up questioningly.
The lady looks at her reassuringly,
“Read this Maam….. You will find all the answers you need”
“How much should I pay?”
“You don’t pay to get to heaven; you just have to be His friend, and He’ll have your back”


Stacy is overwhelmed; she feels a power surge inside her.
She stands up, clutching her bible tightly, she leaves the room,
The sound of music following her every move…..
She’s humming as he walks down the stairs, down the alley.
She gets into her house; it feels good to be home.
But it feels even better to have a purpose!
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