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Elle est belle

From across the room she sees him staring,
Eyes intense in the dull illumination of the club’s neon.
She shifts uncomfortably, frowning softly
He smiles at her and she thinks he’s endearing,
He then slips the waitress a tiny note.
Disenchanted she turns away and sulks sheepishly.
“He ain’t that cute after all,” I hear her say as she empty her glass


Another cocktail lands on my table, she looks up startled.
“For the lady,” she says smiling.
She turns around towards his direction, but alas! He’s not there
Instinctively, her eyes sweep across the room…


“Looking for me?” a rich deep voice asks, astounding her
“Oh, yeah, Hi” she mumbles, offering her hand in a hallo
Smiling, he says “A hug will be more like it”
“But I don’t even know you”
You will,” he said softly, leaning to whisper in her ear
“Am sure you will”


Then he walks away, leaving a small scribble beside her
When she gazes at it closer, it reads
“I don’t know you today; you don’t know me either,
But tomorrow we will be no more than mommy and daddy”


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